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Reading Glasses – Presbyopia

Reading glasses are something many of us will end up depending on as we get older. This is called ‘presbyopia’. For some it’s a nuisance for others, it’s a major impairment. It can stifle confidence, and the level of dependency on the glasses can take some of the joy out of life. The good news is that the surgeons at The Waterford Laser Eye Clinic can permanently correct this condition. To understand options for correction, you need to understand why reading glasses are required…

Why are reading glasses needed?

In early life, the natural lens of the eye alters fine focus for close work by changing its shape. This enables us to read without glasses. With advancing age, (beyond the age of 40) the lens in our eye becomes larger and harder and less able to change shape, and as the lens hardens, reading glasses are required.
With age, near vision gets poorer and poorer, the print gets too small and the arms too short to read without glasses and stronger glasses are required every few years.

What treatment options are available to correct Presbyopia?

At the Waterford Laser Eye Clinic treatments are tailored to suit the patient and their specific ocular condition. And like laser eye surgery there are a variety of lenses and procedures within this category of lens implants to customise a treatment plan for you. The choice of treatment depends on age and health and power of the individual eye. These are assessed at a very detailed consultation performed by a Waterford Laser Eye Clinic Consultant. Corneal implants, such as Kamra and Raindrop are newer options. Our Medical Advisory Panel is not completely comfortable with these options having reviewed the experience with technology. Options for presbyopia are discussed in detail at The Waterford Laser Eye Clinic including Refractive Lens Exchange with multifocal or trifocal lens. For more information please contact us (link to enquiry page)